Hoover SteamVac

Hoover Steamvac SpinsurgeThe Hoover Steamvac with the patented Spinscrub Brushes is making home carpeting cleaning easier, faster and more affordable for homeowners as a viable alternative to the more costly professional commercial carpet cleaning services that often require excessive drying time. In a home with young children and pets, this can be a rather challenging method of maintaining a clean home and hygienic carpets.

The Hoover Steamvac Spinscrub method combines both steam and a new system of 5 gently rotating brush heads to loosen the dirt and debris from the deepest portions of your home carpets. You simply preheat the water on the stove or in the microwave, add it to the top tank for clean water, include some of the Hoover Steamvac carpet cleaning solution, and you are on your way! Hoover even makes a special formula of cleaning agent designed specifically for pets, which comes in handy during puppy training and housebreaking.
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Give it some “Clean Surge”

For more difficult spots, the Hoover Steamvac has a “clean surge” feature that allows the user to target a specific area with a thorough soaking of concentrated solution. You move along to clean the remaining areas of the carpet in your rooms, and then come back to simply suction the stain out of the carpet instantly. The Hoover Steamvac Spinscrub brushes will loosen the grime while the steam sanitizes the carpet. The benefits to toddlers who are just beginning to crawl cannot go unnoticed, especially if you have pets in the home as well.

Although you are heating the water before it is placed into the Hoover Steamvac Spinscrub, the device happens to incorporate a system of forced heated air by way of a 12 amp motor to add an extra advantage. This is also a major component to the unit’s ability to dry the carpeting faster than with professional commercial providers or rental systems from your local home improvement store.

Getting Agitated with The Steamvac Spinscrub Action

There are three Hoover Steamvac Spinscrub settings as well, leading to different agitation levels for cleaning.

• Spill Pickup: This is for a quick and easy cleaning right after your child spills orange juice or your spouse spills a glass of wine.
• Gentle Scrub: This works well for delicate carpets and perhaps oriental rugs, where you want to be extra careful with the fabrics.
• Power Scrub: This is for the works! You would use this on difficult areas and stains that need extra attention.

Hoover has been producing state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners since our grandmother’s time and beyond. Thankfully, they have now perfected the method for home carpet cleaning as well through the offer of the Hoover Steamvac.